Norden Logic with headquaters in Helsinki, Finland has been designing custom software and hardware systems since 2006. Advanced printing solutions have been offered world-wide since 2011. Now in 2019 we are pleased to release our completely redesigned and updated thermal printer controller product line. With this redesign we are also launching this dedicated printer controller web site for our old and new customers.

We have exciting new products with support for many print head models both low power 3.2V - 9V and 24V. Each controller features EVK boards (printer chip evaluation boards) targetting certain types of print heads. These boards can be ordered to speed up project hardware and software integration.  

A brand new family of tiny powerful 32-bit ARM based thermal printer controllers. The NL02x range of controllers supports 58mm and 80mm print heads selectable via software command. Print heads from all major manufacturer on the market can be used - please see respective datasheets for more details. A variant version of the controller also supports thermal printers with auto-cutters. Please find the datasheets and software for the chips can be found in the Downloads. Printer Evaluation boards for a variety of supported print heads are available as well.

100% native Android Java libraries and drivers are provided as well as a ready to run Android app. Just compile and go.

Fast integration into any Android project. C libraries and tools available as well.

The NL022 has been designed and tested, among others, for the new SEIKO LOW POWER print head and compatibles: LTP02-245-C1.

The controllers are rated for industrial as well as consumer based applications.

We can provide complete interface boards with USB, Bluetooth, Bluetooth LE interfaces besides the standard TTL serial connection.

Chip Family:

NL022 - SMD Chip supports many 58mm and 80mm Thermal Print Heads (3.2V - 9V)

NL023 - ZIF Package 100% Pin Compatible with Legacy ZYTP58-FT6B with new ARM core and faster printing routines (5V - 9V)

NL024 - SMD Chip supports selected 58mm and 80mm Thermal Print Heads with Auto-Cutters (5V - 24V)


Video Introduction NL022