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What's New:

New 100% native Android Java support libraries and drivers as well as ready to run Android app project.

Starting from firmware release 1.15:

- Almost all supported language sets enabled by default

- QR code generation is now part of the chip feature set via ESC commands

- Paper out and Temperature high are now events pushed to the host

- Font attributes can now be combined: e.g. Italic and Underlined

- Bitmaps can now be stored on the chips extra flash space and also be printed from flash



Click on the text links to download the files.


Software & API:

Norden Logic Printer EVK Test Software 1.0.4 for Windows  ->new September 2020

Norden Logic Printer EVK Test Software 1.0.4 for Linux - (available on request)

Norden Logic Printer EVK Test Software 1.0.4 for Mac OS - (available on request)

Norden Logic NL02x C Library 1.0.12 ->new September 2020

Norden Logic NL02x ESC/POS Documentation ->new August 2020

Norden Logic Android Lib 1.0.0  ->new September 2021

Android Sample Project 1.0.0  ->new September 2021



Specifications & Datasheets:

NL022 Printer Controller Datasheet 1_0_3  ->updated August 2020

Using the NL022 EVK Board  ->updated May 2021

Using the LTP02-245 EVK Board

NL023 Printer Controller Datasheet

Using the NL023 EVK Board ->new 14.1.2020

NL024 Printer Controller Datasheet ->new 8.4.2020

RoHS Test Report NL022

RoHS Test Report NL024