NL023 Printer Controller

ZIF Package 100% Pin Compatible with Legacy ZYTP58-FT6B with new ARM core and faster printing routines

The tiny NL023 is part of a new generation of powerful ARM based 58mm thermal printer controllers designed and supplied by Norden Logic. The controllers shine with their size, huge RAM and Flash memory, support for a wide range of input voltage, real-time head temperature control´╝î real-time paper- out monitor, custom fonts, user definable flash storage and a big selection of built-in language fonts. The NL023 is a replacement part for the older ZYTP58- FT6B printer chip.
The NL023 uses the industry standard ESC/POS control commands. The initial release of the NL023 supports directly 8-bit, UTF8 and UTF16 characters as well as Chinese and Japanese. 170 languages and more.


Package size: 31.8 x 17.78 mm

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